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Long & Kelly | September 2, 2012

We received an email from Long and Kelly wondering if we would be interested in filming their wedding. In the email Kelly wrote:

“We are also doing a tea ceremony in the morning of the wedding. We are both Vietnamese and this is part of the wedding events.”

Jeremy on the steadicam

We didn’t know what to expect. Neither of us had ever been to a Vietnamese wedding, let alone film one. We were thrilled, however,  to have the opportunity and jumped at the chance! We started to do our research and soon learnt what happens at a Tea Ceremony as well as a few other traditions. We were so excited!

Since Long and Kelly live in Calgary we didn’t talk to them in person too many times. We did however have the chance to film an engagement session with them. It was an afternoon where we got to know them more and heard about their story and how they met.

Karaoke is always a good time!

The wedding day finally arrived and Jeremy and I were nervous! Finally everything we had researched and read was going to be put to use. The morning started off with the tea ceremony and it was so neat! After all, it’s not every day you get to see a roasted pig being carried down the street. There were so many things that made this wedding unique and it was so much fun for us to capture them!

Jeremy and I are so glad we had the opportunity to spend the day with Kelly and Long. They truly are fun, loving, and care free people and we were honoured that they asked us to capture their beautiful day!


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